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About Us

Eurotrans Ltd. is a Polish transport and forwarding company, present in the logistics services market since 2007. Since 2013, we have specialized in providing railway transport services, using our own locomotives to operate on a 1520 mm gauge track at the eastern border and a 1435 mm gauge track across the country.

Our offer includes various transportation solutions, and among our fleet are EAS type wagons, ideal for bulk cargo transportation. With them, we ensure efficient and safe movement of various goods.

Additionally, we have intermodal platforms that enable flexible and high-standard container transportation. Our experience and commitment make us a trustworthy partner for clients seeking comprehensive and innovative logistic solutions.

At Eurotrans, we value high service quality, punctuality, and professionalism in railway transport, which is why we are ready to meet even the most demanding expectations of our clients.

Development Plans

Our company intends to gradually expand the range of offered services in the near future. We focus on fast and dynamic development through the purchase of additional diesel locomotives to handle heavy and light loads on domestic routes, where the first or last mile remains unelectrified.

The planned purchase of electric locomotives will enable dynamic handling of intermodal cargo on domestic routes along the Silk Road and the constantly growing demand for the transportation of non-intermodal bulk cargo.

With the realization of international orders in a door-to-door system, we will closely cooperate with railway carriers in Europe, offering comprehensive solutions and services tailored to each inquiry.

  • Diesel Locomotives type:

    1 x BR232

    7 x TEM2

    2 x M62

  • EAS Type Wagons

    for bulk cargo transportation

  • Intermodal Platforms

    for container transportation



Domestic Transport

Eurotrans Ltd. is a transport and forwarding company offering goods transportation across the country. We use our own locomotives in carrier or client wagons, providing first and last mile services.

Intermodal Transport

We provide comprehensive door-to-door container transport, utilizing our resources and collaborating with logistics partners. Our services cover the entire range of container transport from door to door, ensuring transportation efficiency and safety.

Eastern Border Handling

We provide services for border crossings and terminals on 1520 mm/1435 mm gauge tracks in the Brześć-Terespol, Bruzgi-Kuźnica Białostocka area. Our company ensures comprehensive logistics, enabling smooth and efficient handling of shipments at these border crossings, contributing to the fluidity of cargo transport.

International Transport Organization

Eurotrans Ltd. specializes in comprehensive organization of loading at border terminals and providing wagon orders on a 1520 mm gauge track, followed by transportation services to Asian and Eastern European countries. With our professional logistics, we guarantee efficiency and reliability in the area of goods transport in this region, ensuring smooth delivery and meeting the needs of our clients.

Maneuvering Services

Maneuvering services and rental of diesel locomotives nationwide. Thanks to our specialized maneuvering services, we ensure effective movement of wagons in various areas. Additionally, we provide flexible solutions through the rental of modern diesel locomotives, enabling efficient and sustainable transportation for our clients' needs.

Customs Agency and Forwarding

Eurotrans Sp. z o. o. offers comprehensive customs and forwarding services for bulk and general cargo in the scope of export, import, and transit. Our company provides professional support at every stage of the process, from customs documentation preparation to efficient transportation organization. With our experience and commitment, we guarantee fluidity and efficiency in the customs and forwarding area, meeting all our clients' requirements.